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Princess Diana Death: They Lied When They Said That Her Injuries Were Fatal!

Princess Diana: Did She Really Have To Die?
The injury that killed Princess Diana although critical was not fatal and in fact former President Ronald Reagan survived a similar injury when he was shot by John Hinckley in 1981! Surely if a 70 year old man could have survived such an injury why not a 36 year old woman in good health?

The French doctors who were part of the team that tried to resuscitate Princess Diana at the hospital following the crash cited a tear in the left pulmonary vein as the source of internal bleeding that ultimately led to her death...there was no mention of other specific lesions!

Their conclusion was in stark contrast to the remarks made by the French Minister of Health and other officials (and widely embraced by the public, the media, and disseminated by the official report) that Princess Diana died as a result of massive multiple internal injuries that left her no chance to survive!

If Princess Diana Had Been Taken To A Hospital Within An Hour After Crash She'd Probably Be Alive Today!
The simple truth is, it is very highly likely that if Princess Diana had been rushed to a hospital immediately instead of being snail-paced for two hours in an ambulance she will still be alive today! Several eminent doctors from around the globe (including French physicians) agreed that a timely evacuation to the hospital would have probably saved the Princess!

This tends to corroborate my theory postulating the real reason why the ambulance journey took so long; the plotters were waiting for Princess Diana to bleed out before presenting her to other personnel not privy or involved in the plot (waiting hospital staff).

Nobody really knows what went on in that ambulance and who was in it besides Princess Diana. Another questionable aspect concerning the 2-hour journey fiasco that has come to light is whatever happened to the police presence that was initially escorting the ambulance? More on the 2-Hour Ambulance Ride

Princess Diana's Condition When The First Emergency Vehicles Arrived!
The first witnesses to the crash site discovered Princess Diana seated on the floor of the car with her legs on the backseat and her head sandwiched between the backs of the two front seats. Her eyes were open and she was speaking indistinctly (bodyguard Trevor Rhys Jones supposedly heard her call out Dodi Fayed's name) which established Diana as being conscious at this point.

The first emergency vehicle arrived seven minutes after the crash (Sapeurs-Pompiers, a military emergency service) and the SAMU ambulance that took her to the hospital arrived eight minutes later. The physician from the SAMU ambulance said that Princess Diana was agitated and crying and repeatedly mover her left arm and right leg (once again establishing that Princess Diana was indeed still conscious at this point).

Apparently Princess Diana then went into cardiac arrest while being extracted form the wreckage so she was intubated, put on a respirator and given external chest massage to reestablish a heart rhythm.

Review Of The Injury That Killed Princess Diana
The crash caused Princess Diana's pulmonary vein to tear; this type of injury is commonly categorized as a deceleration injury because as the name implies it occurs when a person in motion is subjected to the massive traumatic force caused by sudden excessive deceleration. The Mercedes Benz S280 ramming into the pillar at 60 miles an hour definitely fits into this category.

The pulmonary vein transports oxygen-rich blood from the lungs to the heart where it is then pumped to the rest of the body. The pulmonary vein is a large vessel that transports a significant amount of blood. A rip or injury to this vessel will result in internal bleeding in the chest that can quite easily become rapidly fatal; however if the tear is minimal then there's a good chance that bleeding would be minimal and that expeditious repair of the tear would save the patient.

The fact that Princess Diana arrived at the hospital almost 2 hours later alive is evidence that the tear to her pulmonary vessel must have been a small tear that exuded blood at a slow rate. (Now you can see why it was so important for the ambulance to take its time getting to the hospital. If the tear had been bigger chances are they'd have gotten Diana to the hospital that much sooner. The outcome would have been the same though, because the assassins would have still ensured that by the time she was handed over to the Trauma Staff at the hospital she'd have been beyond resuscitation...which also explains the final 10 minute stop just outside the hospital gates).

As pre-eminent cardiologist Dr. John Ochsner (Chairman Emeritus of surgery at the Alton Ochsner clinic in New Orleans) put it: "depending on the size of the rent, or tear. If it wasn’t too big, they could put the patient on a heart lung machine and just go in and do the repair electively. It’s pretty obvious: with that lesion, if you can get them in hospital and on a heart lung machine early enough you can save them. But time is of essence."

He is just one of a very long list of several physicians who believe that expeditious transport of Princess Diana to a hospital operating room could well have saved her! Read the views of other physicians here.

It is tempting to conclude that the French emergency evacuation procedures are ironically to blame for Princess Diana's untimely death thereby relegating the entire incident as a mishandled tragic accident. But when one also considers the superb "bungling" of the investigation, disappearance of witnesses, the climbing body count, plethora of lies circulated and other suspicious events, that 2 hour hospital ride is really just a tad too convenient to have been anything but part of the assassination plot!

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Princess Diana Crash: Blood Sample Belonged To Suicide Victim Not Driver!

Princess Diana Death: Blood Sample Exhibited All The Hallmarks Of Suicide Victim!

It is now known that the blood sample cited in the official report as belonging to driver Henri Paul was not in fact his! Subsequent investigation revealed that not only was the chain of evidence critically broken, but it also seems that certain parties were involved in purposefully falsifying results! Read about it here.

As clearly illustrated below that controversial blood sample strongly possessed characteristics one would expect to find in a suicide victim not a man who had been functioning normally:

1) Extremely high levels of alcohol

2) Toxic levels of carbon monoxide

3) Antidepressants

In an attempt to pin such a blood sample on Henri Paul the plotters had to create a picture of an individual who was a chronic alcoholic in the mind of the public. This image of a chronic alcoholic was also the plotters key to explaining how Henri Paul could apparently function normally whilst heavily intoxicated! The basis being that after longterm exposure to a drug (in this case heavy use of alcohol) the body adapts by recalibrating itself through a build up of tolerance to the drug enabling the individual to function normally...just so long as they routinely get their fix!

Without Constant Booze Intake Driver Would Have Shown Withdrawal Symptoms

Henri Paul would have had to imbibe a good amount of alcohol every single day to avoid withdrawal symptoms which in the case of booze characteristically manifest as delirium tremens, otherwise known as the DTs or the shakes; as the name (the shakes) implies, this particular withdrawal symptom commonly has the afflicted individual twitching uncontrollably!

Other symptoms of delirium tremens include visual hallucinations, confusion, agitation and a moderate to severe degree of disorientation. Certainly these are not characteristics that Henri Paul showed at any time and it is unthinkable to believe that he could have been so afflicted without anybody ever having noticed!

Autopsy Of Henri Paul Showed No Evidence Of Alcoholism
If Henri Paul were truly a chronic alcoholic as we were made to believe then surely the autopsy conducted on his body would have revealed at the very least some evidence corroborating such fact! But guess what? There was no such evidence; no trace or hint of liver damage as is routinely found in alcoholics!

In fact what is particularly interesting is how the private lab (Dr. Pepin's Lab) that conducted the analysis of the two contentious blood samples (the ones that magically appeared from nowhere and then just as magically disappeared after "proving" that Henri Paul was drunk) came up with the miraculous conclusion that Henri Paul was "in a state of moderate chronic alcoholism for a minimum of one week." Not only was such a statement unsubstantiated by the autopsy findings, in and of itself, it was most strange indeed!

Henri Paul Was A Licensed Pilot With Over 600 HRs of Flying Time!
Nowhere is it mentioned in the official report that the supposed chronic alcoholic, Henri Paul, was an accomplished pilot who was highly thought of by his former flight instructor. I guess even the instructor was unable to recognize a raving alcoholic in spite of when sitting right next to one in the narrow confines of a cockpit!

Two days before the crash, Henri Paul had passed every test required to become a licensed pilot. Hmmmm...perhaps that may explain his drunkeness; he was so ecstatic about getting his license he decided to go on an alcoholic binge! Implausible as this last scenario is, it certainly sounds more plausible than the official version that Henri Paul was a chronic alcoholic!

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Princess Diana Death: Driver's Blood Sample Was Swapped!

Princess Diana Crash: If Driver's Blood Sample Is To Believed, Henri Paul Would Have Been Comatose!
If one were to believe the lab results of Henri Paul's blood sample, then Henri Paul would, at best have been incapacitated with a very severe pulsing migraine-like headache, and at worst would have been comatose! Either way, according to the blood sample results released by the authorities, Henri Paul would never have been able to drive on that night of August 31, 1997, let alone swerve and collide with a pillar after some undeniably pretty skillful driving!

Significance Of Henri Paul's Lab Results
According to the official report, Henri Paul's Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) at the time of his death was an astounding 0.30% which is almost 4 times over the legal limit! (As far as California State is concerned a BAC of 0.08% renders you as legally unfit to drive.) Such a blood alcohol level means that Henri Paul would have been teetering on the verge of unconsciousness if anything, certainly he would not have been able to steer a vehicle in any manner at all.

If one were to translate Henri Paul's supposed blood alcohol levels into the number of drinks he'd have had to imbibe to attain those levels this is how it would look:

1) 12 drinks in 1 hour (if his stomach was empty)

2) 24 drinks in 1 hour (if he'd eaten a meal)

That number of drinks amply illustrates that Henri Paul would not have been able to talk coherently, walk, let alone drive! If the blood sample accredited to Henri Paul was actually his…HENRI PAUL WOULD HAVE BEEN STUMBLING, RAVING, ROLLING DRUNK!

How Did Toxic Levels Of Carbon Monoxide Appear In His Blood Sample?
Before I tackle the rather intriguing puzzle of how toxic levels of carbon monoxide were introduced into Henri Paul's blood it is interesting to note that carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning coincidentally happens to be the most common type of fatal poisoning in France! (The significance of this will become apparent later on).

The levels of carbon monoxide found in Henri Paul's supposed blood sample was in excess of 2,000 PPM (parts per million) or 0.20%. With such blood levels Henri Paul would have experienced an excruciating blinding headache, dizziness, nausea and would have been dead within 1.5 hours from initial introduction.

Surely it truly is stretching the bounds of belief (suspended or otherwise) that a human being could possibly function normally (or what appeared normal to everybody) with such a lethal dose of carbon monoxide in their bloodstream!

Was The Carbon Monoxide Introduced From Crash Vehicle?
Some devoted advocates for the accident scenario may well postulate that the carbon monoxide got into Henri Paul as a result of the idling Mercedes engine within the confines of the Point d'Alma tunnel. Well, if that were the case then Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana would have exhibited similarly toxic levels of carbon monoxide.

But guess what…surprise…surprise, they didn't. In any case the tunnel was way too large and well ventilated for anybody to accumulate such a lethal dose of CO (carbon monoxide) whether they'd been there for hours with a running engine.

Moreover even if one were to pursue the CO intoxication from the exhaust of the idling engine of the wrecked Mercedes angle, such a scenario would still be impossible for the simple fact that Henri Paul was killed on impact! I guess a broken neck will do that!

So now the question remains, and it really is THE ONLY QUESTION, how could that carbon monoxide have gotten into Henri Paul's supposed posthumous blood sample? Quite often the solution to a puzzle is the simplest and most obvious and in this case it boils down to the inescapable fact that:

The Blood Sample Cited By Official Report Was Not Henri Paul's!
The most obvious step to prove beyond a shadow-of –doubt whether the blood sample belonged to Henri Paul or not would have been to conduct a DNA test; but of course this was never done and unsurprisingly there are no remnants of the blood samples in question. So legally there is absolutely no basis on which those samples could be attributed to Henri Paul!

The autopsy done on Henri Paul was carried out by Professor Dominique Lecompte in front of one Commander Mules and the following is what is known:

1) Supposedly 5 samples were taken from the body of Henri Paul.

2) Commander Mules stated that they were handled and processed in the same manner.

3) Two of those blood samples were sent to different labs for testing; the other 3 samples remained at the lab where Professor Dominique Lecompte conducted the autopsy.

4) Of those two samples sent off both supposedly revealed the massive levels of alcohol as well as toxic levels of carbon monoxide. Contrary to normal procedure the unused portions of these samples were conveniently never preserved (ensures that no pesky confirmatory DNA test could be conducted at a later date)!

5) Later on in a Paris Court, under oath Professor Dominique Lecompte revealed that she only took three samples of blood from Henri Paul's body under Commander Mule's supervision (to date nobody can adequately explain where the other 2 samples came from).

6) The unused portions of the 3 samples that Professor Lecompte concedes to have taken should remain but once again guess what…NO SAMPLES REMAIN!

7) 4 days after his death another blood sample was drawn from Henri Paul with Judge Herve Stephan in attendance (French Judge Heading the French Investigation). This sample was sent to the same lab as the other mysterious 2 samples had been; this sample like the others was handled by a Dr. Pepin. This sample was drawn from a different area of the body using a different means of extraction. When the results came back astonishingly they were almost identical as the other two suspicious samples handled by Dr. Pepin's lab.

According to several top international experts such closely similar results under such variably different circumstances was highly suspect to say the least. MORE AMAZING STILL WAS HOW THE UNUSED PORTION OF THAT NEW BLOOD SAMPLE MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED TOO!

8) The only sample that was tested for Henri Paul's DNA and confirmed said DNA came from one of the original three samples drawn by Prof. Lecompte. Nobody however ever bothered to clarify this little fact for it was more expedient to let the world think that the bogus samples were indeed the ones belonging to Henri Paul!

9) Though it was claimed that the blood samples were all handled, processed and stored in the same manner, this was not true at all. In fact one of the containers allegedly containing a blood sample from Henri Paul exhibited evidence of another name having been hastily scratched out and replaced with that of Henri Paul!

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Princess Diana Crash: Official Report Lied That Driver Was Drunk!

Princess Diana Death: Official Report Was Bogus!
The gospel according to the official report has it that "boozehound Henri Paul" snuggled up behind the wheel of the Mercedes S280 on the night of August 31, 1997 and proceeded to drive in what can best be described as a reckless and dangerous manner (attaining speeds of 196 km/h!) before colliding with the 13th pillar of the Point d'Alma tunnel ending the lives of Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed as well as himself!

Well that's the official line…but guess what?

Tell A Lie Long And Loud Enough And Soon It Becomes The Truth!
Unfortunately for the individuals who masterminded the death of Princess Diana, Mohammed Al Fayed happened to be the owner of the Paris Ritz Hotel. This meant that the usual trick of conveniently disappearing compromising evidence (in this case video footage) could not be so easily applied here. In this particular case the errant footage is the CCTV security footage from the Ritz Hotel on the night of the crash showing a stone cold sober Henri Paul walking normally, chatting to Dodi and Princess Diana moments before entering the vehicle!

Would Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed or Trevor Rhys Jones Step Into A Car Driven By A Raving Drunk?
Have you ever seen someone who's drunk in action? It's quite easy to tell they are drunk isn't it, for the mere fact they tend to exhibit characteristics commonly associated with such a condition. Okay… I'll admit to having been drunk at least once in my life which endows me with more than necessary credentials to talk authoritatively on the subject (besides, more importantly, as a reformed Party Animal I have witnessed scores of other drunken individuals in action…so I know what I'm talking about!)

Henri Paul showed none of the usual symptoms characteristic of a drunken individual. Such symptoms include:

1. Slurred speech;

2. Unsteady gait (staggering and unable to walk straight...the basis of the test that cop's subject you to if they think that you're a drink-drive candidate);

3. Impaired judgment and inability to make rational decisions;

4. An accompanying odor of booze; and

5. Glazed drippy facial features.

Henri Paul showed none of such characteristics and as mentioned above, before they set off in the Mercedes, Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana chatted with Henri Paul. Neither of them showed any signs that they were concerned about Henri Paul's fitness to drive.

Besides, surely bodyguard Trevor Rhys Jones should have at least detected something? I mean this was a man who was trained to protect dignitaries! Surely it would fall within his job description and abilities to recognize when the chauffeur is drunk or not. In any case when Trevor Rhys Jones finally regained consciousness after the crash, although he could not remember a number of details about it, he did categorically state that Henri Paul was not drunk!

The official report evidently pushed the "impaired judgment" angle in the press and media so much so that soon enough most of the world believed that it Diana and Dodi died because their drunk driver thought it best to outrun the paparazzi in a car chase that attained speeds of 196 km/h before their car finally slammed into a pillar!

Eyewitness Accounts Refute Drunken Driver Story!
Drunk driving is commonly associated with a vehicle weaving erratically across the road, but according to multiple eyewitness accounts the only weaving and erratic driving that night was done by a motorbike seating two riders, and a small vehicle in front of Diana's Mercedes which forced Henri Paul to brake and finally take the left lane to overtake said vehicle. These were also the two vehicles widely believed to have induced the accident. Read more about that here.
Not a single one of the several eyewitnesses that night state that the Mercedes was moving erratically or in a fashion suggesting that the driver was drunk.

In fact for a "drunk driver", Henri Paul showed remarkable driving skills! As the Mercedes approached the tunnel entrance the car in front started braking dangerously and performing other hazardous maneuvers such that Henri Paul deemed it best to accelerate and overtake it (actions not consistent with a man as intoxicated as Henri Paul was supposed to be according to the official report.

Unfortunately a 16-meter skid mark which was quite possibly the best evidence to irrefutably determine whether Henri Paul was driving drunk (or not) was (as seemed to be the norm in this case) suspiciously cleaned up hours after the crash before professionals could examine it (and thus determine whether it was a skid mark as a result of a controlled braking or an out-of-control one)!

But if Henri Paul was truly drunk, the only time that he appeared to manifest such symptoms would have been when the Mercedes S280 smashed into the 13th central pillar of the Point d'Alma tunnel. But alas…we will never truly know!

What we do know is that at the Ritz Hotel he parked competently and without incident. When he pulled away from the Ritz Hotel at 12.20 a.m. hotly pursued by a pack of ravenous paparazzi and assassins he drove decisively and quickly never showing the slightest signs of drunkenness that the masterminds of the plot so cowardly fabricated as his legacy (plenty of witnesses, video footage as well as photos can corroborate this fact)!

Bottom Line: That Henri Paul was drunk and responsible for the crash is nothing more than a grossly fabricated story concocted by the plotters and reinforced by a gullible (and in some cases collaborative) press plus media to confuse an emotionally distraught public!

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Princess Diana Death: Reconstructing What Happened From Eyewitness Accounts!

My previous post listed a number of eyewitness accounts that glaringly contradicted the official account and report of what happened! Click here to read it!

On this post I am going to reconstruct from the sample of eyewitness accounts what I believe happened that fateful night:

August 31, 1997, the night that Princess Diana died is much shrouded in controversy and conflicting reports about what really happened. In fact there’s so much inconsistency over the events of that night, about the only aspect that isn’t under contention is the fact that at 12.20 a.m. in the night, Diana and Dodi in a chauffeured Mercedes with bodyguard Trevor Rhys Jones riding shotgun left the Paris Ritz Hotel and barely five minutes later at 12.25 a.m. were involved in a fatal car crash!

To date the official report still cites the crash as nothing more than a tragic traffic accident, notwithstanding the very many eyewitness reports that poke glaring and substantial holes in that report! With respect to some of the eyewitness accounts here is a reconstruction of what may have really happened that night:

Flushing The Prey Out Into The Open!

For some inexplicable reason, Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana decided not to spend the night at the Ritz Hotel in Paris (which incidentally was owned by Mohammed Al Fayed) where they were dining, but instead opted to brave the howling and ravenous pack of paparazzi circling outside the hotel, by making a dash for Dodi’s apartment located on Rue Arsene-Houssaye.

This in of itself was a very strange decision because from the moment they’d arrived in Paris from Sardinia on August 30th, they were incessantly hounded and harassed by paparazzi! In fact people were later to remark they had never seen paparazzi behave so aggressively (were some of those aggressive paparazzi really security agents (MI6) setting the stage for what was to come later?). Thus it is of vital importance to know what made Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed leave the safety and comfort of the Ritz Hotel to brave the paparazzi outside? Could it have been some security concern concocted by the plotters in an attempt to flush out their prey towards the trap they’d set?

Springing The Trap

Assuming that Diana and Dodi were headed for Dodi's apartment the quickest route would have been to take the Place de la Concorde but according to several witnesses that route was blocked by a car full of paparazzi (quite likely that car was full of security agents whose job was to make sure that Princess Diana's Mercedes took their desired route, i.e., into the tunnel. Thierry H was one such witness who saw a car filled with men blocking the Mercedes' access to the Place de la Concorde.

Click Here To See Photo of Point d'Alma Tunnel Entrance

Motorbike And Unknown Car Force Mercedes Into Left Lane!

Brenda Wells, a secretary from London who went missing shortly after giving her statement to the French Police, said that as she approached the Point d'Alma Tunnel she was run off the road by a large powerful motorbike ridden by two individuals. Two other witnesses who, quite understandably chose to remain anonymous, were quoted by the newspaper Journal du Dimanche on September 9, 1997 as having witnessed the following:

Witness One: "The Mercedes was driving on the right hand, shortly before the entry of the tunnel, preceded by a dark-colored automobile, of which make I cannot say. This car clearly was attempting to force the Mercedes to brake . . . The driver of the Mercedes veered into the left-hand lane, and then entered the tunnel.''

Witness Two: "The Mercedes was traveling behind another automobile. I believe that the reason the Mercedes accelerated so suddenly, was to try to veer into the left lane, and pass that car.''

Motorbike Weaved From Left Then To The Right!

Both of the anonymous witnesses mentioned above state that the thing that first drew their attention in the direction of the Point d'Alma was the sound of a powerful engine gunning…the sound a vehicle might make when shifting into low gear as if to overtake. And indeed that is precisely what Henri Paul appeared to do when the car in front forced him to brake. He gunned the engine and moved into the left lane to pass the suspicious car in front (could this be the black car that vanished witness Brenda Wells mentioned in her statement to the French police?)

Brenda Well's statement also (significantly) distinguishes the powerful motorbike with two riders as being the only bike at that point in time behind Princess Diana's Mercedes. According to her account it was only after the crash that the rest of the paparazzi pack turned up!

So now Princess Diana's Mercedes is in the left lane and speeding very fast towards the tunnel, almost as if the driver and occupants feared for their lives…suggesting what they had just experienced was not normal paparazzi behavior.

Witnesses who were inside the tunnel at the time, also speak of a large powerful motorbike ridden by two individuals that raced up to the Mercedes on the left side, then pulled ahead slightly before swerving to the right of the Mercedes abruptly. At that point many of the witnesses claim they then saw a very bright flash of light followed by a tremendous bang! Two such witnesses were Francoise and Valerie Levistre who were driving ahead of Princess Diana's limousine in the tunnel.


It is a well documented fact that Princess Diana's Mercedes slammed into the thirteenth pillar of the tunnel before bouncing off and smashing into the wall like a pinball; the narrow confinement and speeds involved increased the chances of fatalities.

Here's my interpretation of what happened:

1. Just before entering the tunnel the mysterious car in front of the Mercedes starts braking dangerously alarming Henri Paul who accelerates and veers to the left to overtake it. This was actually what the plotters desired, to get the Mercedes in the left lane.

2. The powerful motorbike with the two riders cuts off Brenda Wells preventing her from entering the tunnel at this crucial point (the fewer witnesses the better). The motorbike then surges forwards and quickly catches up with the Mercedes, squeezes between the Mercedes and the central pillars of the tunnel before pulling slightly ahead and swerving suddenly and dangerously to the right.

3. At this point Henri Paul, like most anybody else, would instinctively steer the Mercedes left to avoid the motorbike. But just at that moment the rider on the back of the motorbike used a laser strobe light which illuminated the previously dark tunnel with a brilliant white flash that blinded Henri Paul and everyone else in the Mercedes.

4. After the flash from the strobe light Henri Paul was temporarily and completely blinded but the image of the motorbike dangerously close in front on the right of the Mercedes would have been engraved in his mind so he would have continued his leftward drift towards the center of the tunnel in hopes of avoiding the bike.

At this stage witnesses tell of hearing a loud bang! Could this have been a remote-controlled detonation that completely incapacitated the controls of the Mercedes effectively rendering all navigation impossible?

5. Henri Paul, despite being blinded, probably tried to make navigational corrections to ensure that the Mercedes somehow didn't slam into that concrete pillars in the center of the tunnel…and this is where the Fiat Uno came into play. This was the same car witnessed by Souad Mouffakir and her husband, who were in the tunnel at the time, moments before and after the crash. According to them the Fiat Uno had come from behind accelerating very rapidly and closing up to them as though it were about to overtake, but instead slowed down parallel to their car (inches away) almost as if the driver was waiting for something.

He was…he was waiting for Princess Diana's Mercedes.

The Fiat Uno's job was probably to ram the Mercedes ensuring that it collided with the column of the tunnel; in fact such a scenario pretty much reflects what Mouffakir said she saw. So in essence the Fiat Uno was the insurance policy…the finisher as it were. The job of the Fiat Uno driver was to make certain that the Mercedes slammed into the pillar!

6. The dozen or so men seen loitering in the tunnel moments before the crash by record producer Jacques Morel, were probably the clean-up crew. Their task was to tidy up the loose ends and make sure the scene reflected the accident scenario they had gone to great lengths to create.

In all likelihood one of those men was the individual seen by a number of witnesses leaping out of the wreckage of the Mercedes as they got closer. He could have well been the man who removed Henri Paul's head of the blaring horn and this could also have been the very individual who introduced the lethal levels of carbon monoxide as well as alcohol found in Henri Paul's bloodstream (to make the accident look like the mistake of a drunk)!

The rest of the clean-up crew were probably involved in crowd control and quite likely employed to add more confusion to an already confused scene. Indeed witnesses Mike Walker, Tom Richardson and Joanna Luz were discouraged from entering the tunnel immediately after the crash by a man screaming the car was going to explode (hmmm…sounds like crowd control to me.) Some witnesses also claim there was an individual dressed as a fireman on scene well before emergency vehicles arrived! I

Stanley Culbreath a tourist from the US described the inordinately long delay before anyone tried to free Princess Diana. Of the one policeman he saw there, this is what he had to say: "It was at least 15 minutes before an ambulance arrived and the one policeman who was there made no attempt to help anyone who was in that wreck…"

Yup! It sure sounds like those men seen loitering about the tunnel a few minutes before the crash certainly had their roles figured out. Some of them probably changed into police uniforms and other emergency /fire crew uniforms to discourage anyone from attempting to help the victims (classic crowd control)!

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Princess Diana Death: Eye Witness Accounts Dispute Official Story!

After dining at the Ritz Hotel Dodi's and Princess Diana's intention was to head back to Dodi's flat located at Rue Arsene-Houssaye. The shortest and quickest way to get there would have been to turn onto the Place de la Concorde and then make their way along the Avenue de Champ Elysees. But for some reason they didn't take this most obvious of routes but took the one that lead the Mercedes through the Point d'Alma tunnel...why was that?

A Trap Is Set And Sprung!
(It should be noted that some of the witnesses' surnames are not available because of the very real fear they had at the time that they would meet an untimely death!)

Thierry H: He saw a car blocking the exit that would have allowed Princess Diana's Mercedes to take the Place de la Concorde and thus avoid the tunnel at Point d'Alma. The car had several men and Thierry's assumption at the time was that those men were paparazzi (but were they really?).

Brenda Wells: The secretary from London who "reportedly went missing" following her statement to the French police. She told them that on her way home from a party with friends, she was forced off the road by a large and powerful motorbike ridden by two individuals as she approached the tunnel. The motorbike was tailing Princess Diana's limo at high speed, in conjunction with another smaller car (Fiat Uno? Although her account describes this car as dark colored). In her own words: "After a party with my friends, I was returning to my home. A motorbike with two men forced me off the road. It was following a big car. Afterwards in the tunnel there were very strong lights like flashes. After that, a black car arrived. The big car had come off the road. I stopped and five or six motorbikes arrived and started taking photographs."

The whereabouts of Brenda Wells are currently unknown but what is known is that soon after giving her statement to the French Police and after both she and her husband were warned to go into hiding and never speak about what they had witnessed…PHUT! Just like that she vanished…fell off the face of the earth!

Francoise & Valerie Levistre: Since they were driving in front of the Diana Mercedes they were strategically located to bear close witness to what exactly happened in the tunnel. The following account was recorded by Reuters on September 4th, 1997 from their home in Normandy France:

"I said to my wife that there must be a big shot behind us with a police escort. Then I went down into the tunnel and, again in my rearview mirror I saw the car in the middle of the tunnel with the motorcycle on its left, pulling ahead and then swerving to the right directly in front of the car…as the motorcycle swerved and before the car lost control, there was a flash of light but then I was out of the tunnel and, but did not see the impact…I immediately pulled my car over to the curb but my wife said 'Let's get out of here. It's a terror attack.'" (Reuters, Paris, Sourced from Internet 4/9/97).

Levistre also described the motorbike as being ridden by two individuals.

Gaelle L: Gaelle and her boyfriend Benoit were approaching the tunnel from the opposite direction in the opposing lane on the other side of the tunnel. Here's her account: "As we entered the Alma tunnel, we heard a loud noise of screeching tires. At that moment, in the opposite lane, we saw a large car approaching at high speed. The car swerved to the left, then went back to the right and crashed into the wall with its horn blaring. I should note that in front of this car, there was another smaller car. I think this vehicle was black, but I'm not sure. Behind the big car there was a large motorcycle. I can't be sure how many riders were on it."

Witness Saw Fiat Uno Driver Cause Crash That Killed Princess Diana!

Souad Mouffakir: Far too terrified in1997 to truthfully report what she (and her husband of the time) witnessed in the tunnel, six years after the crash, Souad recanted her earlier testimony with the following damning account! She stated, quite understandably, that she'd remained silent for six years about what she witnessed because she'd feared for her life. Her story was narrated to The People (note no money changed hands for the story).

Souad Mouffakir claims that she and her husband (Mohamed Medjahdi) were in a car that was traveling right in front of Princess Diana's Mercedes in the tunnel on the night of August 31, 1997. Through the rear window she noticed a Fiat Uno approaching them very rapidly, but rather than overtake them it slowed down so that both cars were parallel.

As Souad put it, "It was very strange behavior and I got frightened. The white car was only centimeters from ours. I stared over to the driver and I will never forget him." She then continues to describe how the man's demeanor and manner appeared very strange as if his thoughts were far…far away. She describes the man as being of Mediterranean descent and that she surmised he was short because his head barely cleared the steering wheel. In the back seat of the car sat what she described as a huge Alsatian.

She continues, "I became very scared, I thought he was a madman and I told Mohamed to speed away. We did that and a moment later we heard the screech of tyres. I looked round and saw a black Mercedes sliding out of control at 45 degrees, coming straight at us. I saw the car impact into the pillar. I did not realize that I had just seen the crash that killed Diana. I saw the chauffeur thrown forward in to the steering wheel. I knew he had been killed immediately." (Note: text in quote marks was sourced The People interview.)

Click here to read her actual words.

Plotters Knew Beforehand That Diana and Company Would Pass Through The Tunnel!
Jacques Morel: Moments before the crash, record producer Jacques Morel says he saw several figures (about a dozen) hanging out in the tunnel for no apparent reason. Driving home with his wife on that night this is how he described the peculiar scene: " As we entered the Alma tunnel I looked to my left and saw about a dozen shady figures on a tiny pavement by the side of the opposite carriageway…They were all standing in a long line. The sight was unforgettable. The pavement is less than 30cm (12in or 1ft) wide and next to fast traffic. They would have been breathing in petrol fumes and it was very dirty down there. It was certainly not a sensible place to stand around."

Mr. Morel continues, "There was an almighty bang and a great big flash of light. Immediately my wife and I realized there had been a crash. My first thought was that those inside the tunnel were connected with what had happened. This thought has never left me!"

Like several other witnesses who also feared for their lives, Mr. Morel only broke his silence after several years had elapsed since the accident. Evidently his testimony was taken seriously enough to warrant being flown to London for a 3-day interview by the Diana Crash Investigatory (Inquiry) Team headed by former Scotland Yard chief, Lord Stevens.

Jacques Morel told detectives he was convinced that Henri Paul was part of the plot and had been paid to take the tunnel; as he put it, "I am certain he was paid to drive through the Alma Tunnel. There was cash in Henri Paul's pocket when he was found dead!" We can only assume that when he refers to "cash", Mr. Morel is talking about substantial amounts.

Gary Hunter: This London-based lawyer observed, from his third floor hotel room overlooking the Point d'Alma tunnel (less than 100 yards distance) two vehicles zooming away from the tunnel shortly after the crash. This is his account as cited by Agence-France-Presse on September 22, 1997: "I was in my hotel room overlooking the tunnel and heard a car speeding from that direction…I jumped up and saw a small dark-colored car drive up the street with another car practically stuck to its back bumper…the first car looked like a Fiat Uno or a Renault Clio. The white car was a Mercedes…they both spun round together and sped off down the street at a suicidal pace, more than 100 miles per hour…I thought it was very strange that they were traveling so dangerously close to each other…their behavior made me wonder what exactly they had been up to in the tunnel when the crash happened!"

"My own feeling is that these were people in a hurry not to be there. I am confident that the car was getting off the scene, it looked quite sinister."

SUMMARY: These are just a few of the many eyewitness accounts that punched meteor shower like holes into the official story, that the crash that killed Dodi Fayed, Princess Diana and Henri Paul, was nothing but a tragic traffic accident!

Coming Tomorrow: Interpreting And Reconstructing From The Eyewitness Accounts What May Have Actually Happened.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Princess Diana Death: A Very Bizarre Break-In

Princess Diana Crash: Dead Paparazzi's Offices Burgled!
Almost exactly one month after Jean Paul Andanson's burnt body was discovered, on June 16, 2000 a rather strange break-in took place at the Paris offices of The Sipa Press Agency; which coincidentally happened to be the office where Andanson worked at the time of his death.

The break-in was remarkable for the fact its duration was a staggering 3 hours! (Yeah...yeah…I know, I evidently love that word staggering). This is how it went down:

On June 16, 2000 three masked and armed men shot the security guard at the Sipa Paris offices in the foot (at least they were considerate about the whole collateral damage issue) before storming the interior of the building. Sipa is a 24-hour Press Agency so you can bet that there were people at the office! Matter of fact, there were, but this didn't faze the armed invaders at all; they went right ahead and proceeded to conduct their robbery with hostages on hand.

What Did The Robbers Steal?

The assailants quickly located a very specific number of offices out of the multitude within the premises (the Sipa Paris office had more than 200 employees) and quickly gathered a number of items which included cameras, laptops, and hard drives from various desktop computers. The men were methodical and highly organized; evidently this was no spur of the moment burglary and definitely not amateur time!

In spite of the time spent collecting their loot and containing the hostages, the men were always composed and apparently unconcerned about any intervention from the authorities. In fact one witness (hostage) later remarked that "It was as though the robbers worked for the government…they were absolutely unconcerned that they would get caught or that the police might come."

A number of other hostages concluded that these were no ordinary crooks and indeed accounts of their conduct within the Sipa offices would tend to corroborate such observations:

1. The men were highly organized and methodical and only restricted their search and gathering activities to specific offices;

2. Despite the extensive duration required to gather what they had gone to get, the men never showed any trace of concern that they might be interrupted by the authorities (hmmm…could they have been French Secret Service?); and

3. The items they left with had a common thread…they were devices used for taking images (cameras) or devices that could be used to store digital images (laptops and hard drives).

What Andanson Possessed Could Have Unraveled The Carefully Weaved Tapestry Of The Plot!

The very obvious and only conclusion that one can draw from this event is that the robbers wanted to get their hands on any photos that Andanson may have had concerning the crash that killed Princess Diana.

Quite possibly the theft from the other offices was merely a ruse to muddy the waters and divert attention from the fact that Andanson's office was the real target or perhaps the perpetrators were just covering all their bases by removing any and all hard drives where Andanson could have stored such images (i.e., on a colleague's or close friend's computer as insurance).

Just to reiterate:
1) Forensic evidence put Andanson's white Fiat Uno at the scene of the Paris crash (it was identified beyond any doubt as the car that clipped the Mercedes in the tunnel before screeching away);

2) A few days before his death Andanson had started mouthing off how he was in possession of sensational never-before-seen footage of the Diana crash.

3) Andanson's white Fiat Uno was indeed the car seen by several witnesses chasing Princess Diana's limousine into the tunnel before the crash, then seen speeding away from the tunnel after a loud bang.

All the evidence tends to suggest that Andanson was a big liability to the authors of the plot for it appeared he was in possession of very very compromising photos that could unthread the carefully crafted tapestry of the plot!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why Kill Andanson Three Years After The Crash?

Princess Diana Conspiracy Theory: Motive Behind Paparazzi Andanson's Death
According to colleagues and close friends of Andanson, in the weeks before his death he had been bragging about how he'd gotten hold of sensational shots of the crash and final moments of Princess Diana in the tunnel. To those around him, it was quite obvious that Jean-Paul Andanson had every intention of selling those photos to the highest bidder.

Evidently when tale of his activities filtered down to the ears of the masterminds behind the accident-assassination, their response was quick, simple and decisive…Andanson had to go! I mean it just wouldn't do to have a loose cannon like Andanson shouting his mouth off and raking simmering coals whose flames were on the verge of being extinguished forever!

And besides, Andansons's alibi was already on very flimsy ground! If those photos got out inevitably questions would be asked; questions like "How Did He Get Them?"

For a man who was not even supposed to have been in Paris at the time of the crash (according to the statement he'd given the French Police 3 years earlier) these were fiery questions that had no place being stoked. In fact such questions could bring the whole fragile house of cards (the plot) crashing down!

Thus the decision was simple…Andanson simply had to die!

What Possessed Andanson To Break The Code Of Silence?

What could have possessed Andanson to start mouthing off the way he did when given a little more time the crash in Paris would have been nothing more than a distant memory to the public (well mostly) .

Know what I thinks it all boils down to two words:

Greed & Complacency; two common weaknesses characteristic of the human state!

Quite likely after three years Andanson felt that the heat had simmered down enough, but that in itself was probably not the decisive factor that made him overly cocky. Perhaps it was the impossibly irresistible urge to share with someone...anyone...the singular part he'd played in unarguably one of the most dramatic assassinations of the 20th century...

...or maybe he found himself in desperate need of some quick hard cash so why not capitalize on that goldmine he was sitting on...surely enough time had elapsed!

Evidently enough time had not elapsed and it is amply clear that by allowing his vanity to get the better of his professionalism Andanson paid the ultimate price!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Princess Diana Crash: The Strange Movements Of Paparazzi Andanson On The Night Of The Crash!

Princess Diana: Paparazzi Connection
Mohammed Fayed, Dodi's father has long insisted that there were a number of Secret Service agents from varying spy agencies around the globe, namely M16 and the French Secret Service DGSE that had infiltrated the ranks of the Paparazzi stalking Princess Diana and Dodi. This actually does not come as too much of a surprise considering that the Crown naturally wanted to be kept abreast of the going-ons of the wayward princess before she sprung the next "embarrassment." One such paparazzo was Jean-Paul Andanson, the late owner of the Fiat Uno seen speeding away from the crash!

Uno Owner's Suspicious Movements On The Night Princess Diana Died!

When one thinks about it infiltrating the paparazzi with agents was a brilliant yet obvious concept. As a paparazzi, an agent would have a legitimate reason to be hot on the tail of Princess Diana and her entourage. Also posing as a member of the paparazzi afforded any infiltrator the a good cover of anonymity. But most importantly posing as a member of the paparazzi enabled easy access to the princess!

As previously mentioned on May 5th of 2000 Jean-Paul Andanson was found burned to a crisp in the charred wreckage of his one-time white Fiat Uno. Consequent forensic tests conducted on the Fiat Uno proved beyond a shadow of doubt that his car was indeed the one that collided with the Mercedes Benz in the tunnel!

But of course in 1997 none of this had come to light...or had it and was it just conveniently ignored!

French Police Bungling In The Manner Of Inspector Jacques Clouseau

What is now known is that Andanson was up and down the Mediterranean close on the heels of the vacationing Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana. Certainly on the day that Dodi and Diana flew back to Paris (August 30th) Andanson was there. But for no apparent reason or at any rate reasons best known to himself before dawn on August 31, 1997, a scant 6 hours after the Diana crash Andanson left Paris via a flight from Orly Airport bound for Corsica!

So what exactly was he doing? Was it coincidence or was Andanson creating his alibi...certainly looks that way to me!

So what was his alibi other than his weak claim that he was not in Paris at the time of the crash? Andanson's only proof that he was not in Paris the night of the crash was a receipt for gasoline purchase elsewhere in France (yeah right...anybody could come up with that!) Weak as his alibi was, compounded with the fact that he owned a white Fiat Uno, one would think that the French police would have taken more of an interest in Mr. Andanson and his whereabouts on the night of the crash.

But no they were more than satisfied with his flimsy gasoline receipt alibi and furthermore quickly concluded that his White Fiat Uno was not the one involved in the crash! Andanson's family initially backed up his claims of being elsewhere on the night of the crash, his wife Elizabeth going as far as to claim that she had been with her husband all night at their country home, Le Manoir de la Bergerie in Cher. She did concede that Jean-Paul abruptly departed for Orly Airport aound 3.45 a.m.

In later years on further questioning Elizabeth Andanson admitted she could have been mistaken about her Husband's whereabouts on that night, that apparently his job as a paparazzi had him always on the go! As for Andanson's kids, a son James and daughter Kimberley, they told the police they were under the impression their father was grape-harvesting in the Bordeaux region!

Coming Tomorrow:
What could have been the motive behind killing Andanson three years after the crash? What could have possessed Andanson to break the code of silence

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Princess Diana: Paparazzi Identified As Owner Of Car That Rammed Mercedes!

Princess Diana: The Suspicious Movements Of White Fiat Uno On The Night Of The Crash
On May 5, 2000, a badly burned body with a bullet hole neatly drilled in to the head was discovered in some woods in Nantes not far from Paris, France. A series of month long DNA tests finally concluded beyond any doubt whatsoever that those charred remains belonged to Jean-Paul Andanson a member of the paparazzi who had been stalking Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed up and down the Mediterranean.

Who Was The Mysterious Jean-Paul Andanson?

So who was Jean Paul Andanson?

Described by some as the original godfather of modern day paparazzi, Andanson was a hard hitting, flamboyant self-styled photographer who specialized in celebrity shots. By the time of his death at age 54 his photography had made him into a millionaire.

For sure Andanson was not the only paparazzi hounding the ill-fated couple on August 31, 1997, but what makes Jean-Paul stand out was the fact that he owned a white Fiat Uno!

Was Andanson's White Fiat Uno The Car That Rammed The Mercedes In The Tunnel?

Okay let's clear up one little point here...just because he owned a white Fiat Uno doesn't mean that Andanson's Fiat Uno was indeed the car seen streaking from the tunnel shortly after the crash. After all there had to be at least thousands of other White Unos whirring their way around Paris. But...

Andanson's Fiat Uno hid a dirty little secret!

Not only was it repainted soon after the events of that fateful August 31st night in 1997 (hmmmm...could this be coincidence) forensic evidence determined beyond any doubt that the car in which Jean-Paul Andanson's charred remains were found was definitely the vehicle which clipped Princess Diana's Mercedes!

Investigators determined that this was the wanted car by matching paint-scratch traces found on the side view mirror of the Mercedes to paint traces found on the Fiat Uno! They achieved this by spectrographically analyzing the various absorption bands of the different paints!

Tomorrow: How could investigators commit such a major bloop in their handling of the initial investigation? In a bungling fiasco worthy of a Michael Moore docudrama how did the French Police come to the conclusion that Andanson was driven to suicide because of his wife's indiscretions? Why was Andanson really killed...was it his chutzpah that finally brought him to this grisly end of the road! How could this unbreakable trend of investigatory bungling have continued unabated?

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Princess Diana Crash: Prime Suspect Found Burnt To A Crisp!

Princess Diana Crash: Mystery of The White Fiat Uno
"We heard a loud bang then moments later we saw a white Fiat Uno and a motorbike racing out of the tunnel at high speed!" Those were the damning words of several eyewitnesses to the crash that killed Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed, Henri Paul and seriously injured bodyguard Trevor Rhys Jones.

Yet in spite of those eyewitness claims the authorities on both sides of the channel still stuck to the story that the accident was precisely that…a tragic accident!

HELLO REALITY CHECK! The only reason someone guns away from the scene of an accident is because they were involved in some manner or otherwise have something to hide. But did the authorities take this into consideration? Noooo…they were pursuing a different agenda!

3 Years After Princess Diana Crash Mysterious White Fiat Uno Finally Found!

Where was the white Fiat Uno? What happened to the white Fiat Uno? Who was the owner of the white Fiat Uno? These were the questions that constantly dogged the French Police and British authorities; egged on by an angry Mohammed Fayed (father of Dodi Fayed) who from the get-go always contended that the crash was a carefully conceived plot to kill his son and the princess.

Despite what some claimed to be the manhunt of the century and biggest police dragnet in French history, the driver and the white Fiat Uno were never found …that is until May 5, 2000 when someone stumbled across the burned wreckage of a small vehicle in the woods in Nantes, a place not far from Paris.

Within the wreckage was the charred remains of what once used to be human. The body was burned to such an extent that it took police almost one month of DNA testing before they could determine that those charred broiled remains were what was left of one Jean-Paul Andanson, one-time proud owner of a white Fiat Uno!

Owner Of White Fiat Uno Shoots Himself To Death…After 1st Burning Himself To Death!

No, the above headline is not an error neither did you read it wrong!

According to the French Police and The Mail On Sunday (newspaper in England) Andanson apparently was so aggrieved over his wife cheating on him that he of all things decided to commit suicide by fire! Funny though, there was no mention of the bullet neatly drilled into his head…which kinda puzzles me; how could a dead man rattle 'n' shake his crisp-fried bones and smokin' tissue to shoot himself in the head?

Hmmmm…I dunno about you but to me it sure looks like someone wanted Jean-Paul Andanson very very dead…that's why I'm going with the theory that somebody or somebodies had themselves a right-ole-merry barbecue in the middle of the forest where the main dish was crispy-fried human…or Jean-Paul Andanson to be exact!

So the question remains, unless Andanson was somehow connected with the crash in the tunnel why would parties unknown go to such lengths to silence him. Was he after all the owner of the much-witnessed and very notorious white Fiat Uno seen screeching out of the tunnel like a bat-outta-hell, or was he just another unfortunate coincidence in a series of never ending coincidences surrounding the Princess Diana Crash!

Coming Tomorrow: Was Andanson the owner of the white Fiat Uno that rammed Mercedes in the tunnel? Where and what was he doing on the night of the crash? And why would anyone want to frame his death as a suicide?

Monday, July 2, 2007

Princess Diana Crash: The Realm Of Reasonable Doubt.

Princess Diana Crash: The Realm Of Reasonable

Historically Britain and France have over the ages squared off as enemies who from time to time, when the occasion so demanded, joined together in an uneasy alliance to pursue a common goal. Strong circumstantial evidence tends to suggest that such an occasion did indeed arise on August 31, 1997 when Princess Diana was killed.

Paris: Romantic City To Lovers; Convenient Killing Spot To Others

One of the more controversial aspects concerning the night Princess Diana died was the fact that it took just shy of two hours to drive her to a hospital that was merely 3.25 miles away? This issue is one amongst many smoking guns that conspiracy theorists are quick to whip out from their arsenal as evidence that what happened in the Pont de l'Alma road tunnel in Paris that night was anything but an accident!

So assuming that the crash was indeed no ordinary accident but rather a high profile assassination made to look like one, it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume whoever carried it out did thorough research beforehand. Such research would likely entail finding a location with restricted access points and also one that was fairly obscured from public view; a long enough tunnel would cover these two very necessary characteristics beautifully. Staging a late night crash also guaranteed that there were less unwanted eyeballs around to eyeball that which they were not supposed to see.

With just two entry/exit points, a tunnel affords easy control to incoming and outgoing traffic if ever the need were to arise. An accident in a tunnel also offers other advantages from an assassin's perspective. If the assassination is to be in the form of a road traffic accident (RTA) the chances of success are hugely magnified if a high velocity collision is staged in a confined area like a tunnel. A high speed accident in a place like the Paris Pont de l'Alma road tunnel would almost certainly result in the vehicle being buffeted from concrete wall to concrete wall over and over again like a pinball in an arcade game. Such a multiple-impact scenario greatly increases the chances of killing the target yet still allows room for the event to be termed a tragic accident!

An accident staged in Paris had other attractions too.

Other than the obvious that Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed were already there and had made little secret of the fact that they intended to spend an enchanted evening in La Capitale Romance Du Monde (Paris), the other very attractive feature about France (from the plotters' perspective) was the rather unusual French ambulance evacuation policy.

In the wake of much finger pointing, recriminations, and accusations over the now infamous 2-hour ambulance ride, the French authorities (backed up by their British counterparts) went to great lengths to assure everyone that there was nothing suspicious about it at all. That in fact that was just the way it was done in France! Okay, granted that the ambulance policy in France may actually require that accident victims be stabilized at the scene, you can bet that the people behind the plot were well aware of that fact too. It is quite probable that whilst brainstorming various scenarios on how, where and when to execute the assassination, someone in the conspiracy stumbled across that unusual French policy and immediately saw its value as a tool for deflecting suspicion from a situation that would otherwise scream nothing but!

Blaming The Usual Suspects

In the this vein one can see why such an "accident" could not have been pulled off in England; The ambulance evacuation policy in the United Kingdom (Britain) like most other countries is radically different from that in France; namely that it requires a seriously injured victim to be rushed to hospital as expeditiously as possible where far better care may be administered. Besides, staging the crash in France gave the plot originators another very convenient patsy; albeit a complicit one!

Giving a distraught and hysterical British public someone to blame (who better than those dastardly French) not only took care of a very necessary emotional outlet, it also minimized the possibility of an immediate under-the-microscope investigation that would certainly have ensued had Princess Diana been killed in England. Having the French handle the investigation on French soil conveniently allowed any accusations of ineptness and bungling to rest squarely on the shoulders of the French.

Such a course of action could only work however as long as the necessary French security agencies were privy to the plot. It is unimaginable to believe that the French authorities would ever agree to shoulder the blame for an event of such magnitude unless various security agencies of theirs were complicit to the plot to some degree or other. If there had been no French involvement you can bet that the French secret service (DGSE) would have been the first to point fingers at the British secret service (MI6). In fact without the French connection it is highly improbably the entire event could have been pulled off at all.

As it was, the manner in which the plot was contrived ensured that the British public at least had the usual (dastardly) suspects to voice their anger against but most importantly it afforded the plotters multiple opportunities to confine their achievement firmly in the realm of reasonable doubt!

: Whatever happened to the mysterious white Fiat Uno that several witnesses claim to have seen speeding away from the accident in the tunnel! Were paparazzi really involved in any way in the plot to kill Princess Diana? What connection did the charred remains of a body found in some woods near Paris have to do with the accident that claimed Henri Paul's, Dodi Fayed's and Princess Diana's lives?